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Healthcare 2000 Slimming Clinic

In 1988 the name Healthcare 2000 was registered with an eye on the 21st century. The vast majority of people know how difficult it is to lose weight and we have all seen hundreds of diets, meal replacements, pills and potions, and more recently fat burners that produce weight loss in your sleep!

Slimming at Healthcare 2000 is forever and that is why we are still thriving after 20 years. Forget gimmicks that do not work – surely we all know that by now! The best way to lose weight safely is to change your eating habits, eat fewer calories than you burn and get more exercise. If you cannot achieve this by yourself then Healthcare 2000 can help you.

Patients work with a fully qualified doctor on a weekly basis and with the help of suitable medication to control your appetite you will feel less hungry and therefore it will be easier to make the necessary dietary changes. We do not use meal replacements or milky drinks or advocate any diet that you cannot continue with for the rest of your life.
The doctors at Healthcare 2000 have carried out thousands of consultations and have a wealth of experience to help you lose weight successfully.

For a friendly chat contact:

Healthcare 2000                Leeds (0113) 2448866
Duncan House,
Duncan St,
Leeds, LS1 6DL

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Healthcare 2000        Belfast (02890) 455556
62A Bloomfield Ave

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Founder member of the Obesity Management Association.

Registered with the Healthcare Commission in England